Condos vs Apartments

April 11th, 2023


When it comes to choosing a place to call home, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to rent an apartment or buy a condo. While both options offer their own advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to consider your lifestyle, budget, and long-term goals to make the best decision for you.

Whether you’re looking for North Park condos for sale or thinking about renting, this article explores the key differences between condos and apartments and provides insights into what to consider before making your decision.

What are the differences between an apartment and a condo?

A condo, short for condominium, is a type of residential property where units are individually owned but common areas such as hallways, elevators, and swimming pools are shared among all residents. In addition to the purchase price of a condo, owners are also responsible for paying monthly condo fees which cover the cost of maintenance and shared expenses.

An apartment is a type of rental property where tenants pay a monthly rent to a landlord or property management company. While apartments can come with amenities such as a gym or pool, they’re generally more basic than condos.

Choosing between an apartment and a condo can be a difficult decision. While both offer a place to call home, there are some key differences.


The biggest difference between a condo and an apartment is ownership. When you buy a condo, you own the unit and are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep costs. When you rent an apartment, you don’t own the unit and are not responsible for any maintenance or upkeep costs.

Monthly costs

While both come with monthly costs, the breakdown of these is different. Condo owners pay a monthly fee that covers the cost of maintenance and shared expenses. Apartment renters pay a monthly rent which covers the cost of the unit and any included amenities.


Condos generally offer more amenities than apartments. While apartments may have a gym or pool, condos can offer additional amenities such as parking garages, rooftop patios, and concierge services.


While renting an apartment offers more flexibility than owning a condo, condo owners have more control over their living space. They can renovate and decorate their unit as they see fit, without worrying about violating a lease agreement or losing their security deposit. Condo owners can also rent out their unit to tenants, providing them with an additional source of income.


Condo living offers a sense of community that can be harder to find in an apartment building. Because residents share common areas, they’re more likely to interact and get to know each other. Condo associations may also host community events and activities, further fostering a sense of community.


While owning a condo comes with more risks than renting an apartment, it can also be a good investment. Condos are often located in desirable areas and can appreciate in value over time. Condo owners can also take advantage of tax benefits such as deducting mortgage interest and property taxes.

Where can I find premium North Park condos for sale?

At The Neuman Team, we have over four decades of experience helping clients find their dream homes. Our team of dedicated pros has a deep understanding of the real estate market and can help guide you through the process of buying property near the North Park Recreation Center or another part of the city. We boast a wide range of listings to suit every budget and lifestyle and can help you better understand the hidden costs that come with owning a condo. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, we can help you find the perfect property. Reach out to our team today!

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