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Welcome to Little Italy

Rich traditions and amazing food have kept Little Italy true to its roots. Although small, this lively neighborhood is bustling with great restaurants, shops, and the jovial Italian spirit. With views of the San Diego Bay, old-world restaurants, charming shops and parks, downtown San Diego’s Little Italy has a small town feel in an opportune urban setting. Who wouldn’t love to be a proud owner of a condo for sale in Little Italy?

Named after the Italian American immigrants who settled and made a living from the fishing industry, Little Italy thrives to this day. It is famous for providing its residents and visitors with plenty of irresistible attractions. Amici Park, a favorite for locals, provides a perfect place for enjoying the ever-lovely San Diego weather. It is no wonder Little Italy is chosen as the host to over a dozen festivals and artistic endeavors year-round.

Many residential opportunities, such as modern high-rise condominiums with views of the bay, mid-level contemporary row-homes, restored Victorian Era buildings, and lofts prove the diverse mixture of opportunity and comfort. A waterfront park makes the apartments for sale in this bay-side neighborhood even more desirable.

It is the powerful combination of all these perks that constantly drives demand for condos in Little Italy, San Diego. And if you are looking to buy a new condo in San Diego, this could be the ideal place.

A vast selection of condos for sale in Little Italy, San Diego

Let us help you find your forever home in Little Italy. We will show you all the amazing apartments available for sale in Little Italy and you will soon realize why it is every homeowner’s dream home. This lovely community is a welcoming environment that you will never want to leave. And you won’t have to! Located within walking distance are countless shops, restaurants and other amenities. Each condo is unique and each has a different story to tell. So why not make it your own?

the neighbors

A mix of young professionals and families

the lifestyle

Great food and good times. Culinary immersion in authentic Italian restaurants and markets, sprinkled with trendy new eateries.

what to expect

A historically rich neighborhood with jovial Italian spirit.

what not to expect

A quiet neighborhood or extensive green space.

the market

Competitive. Low turnover rates and prices are on the rise.

You'll Fall in Love With

Italian cultural charm set in Downtown San Diego.

For Foodies Great people watching Tourist attraction Quaint Cultural enclave Young professionals Easy freeway access Walker’s Paradise Historical District Vibrant

Little Italy developments

Buying a condo for sale in Little Italy could be your best decision ever

Vibrant, eclectic and charming is one way to describe Little Italy. It is a quirky gem hidden in plain sight. Conveniently placed in Downtown San Diego, the place makes you feel cozy and comfortable staying within the community yet free to explore what’s beyond. Little Italy has a soul, and so does each of the many extraordinary condos in Little Italy, San Diego that you might want to make your own.

There is a distinctive European feel to it, which almost makes you feel a dash of Mediterranean breeze in your hair as you open the window overlooking the eclectic neighborhood rom your very own apartment at its heart. From the second you set foot into Little Italy, the place will make you feel at home.

One of the reasons behind the high demand for condos for sale in Little Italy, San Diego, is that each condo is comfort and style rolled into one. The quality of workmanship and the sophisticated level of design only add to the overall sense of luxury that make each condo a worthwhile investment.

Condos & apartments for sale in Little Italy: your new home awaits

We take great pride in our personalized customer service which allows us to cater to our clients’ every need. And when it comes to apartments and condos for sale in Little Italy, San Diego, we know exactly how to point you in the right direction. We listen to what you have to say so as to find you an apartment in the heart of San Diego that meets all your criteria.

Although buying a condo might not be a decision you would take lightly, just one look at the luxury condos in Little Italy, San Diego, will be enough for you to make up your mind once and for all. Here you can find yourself a home that is the stuff of dreams, a place where California and the Old Country intertwine. When shopping for a condo or apartment for sale in Little Italy, you will have only one problem: taking your time to reach a decision and not becoming overwhelmed with all the exciting options and opportunities.

Treat yourself to a new condo in San Diego

If you’re not certain that condos for sale in Little Italy in San Diego are the perfect option for you, despite the premium location, yet you have always envisioned yourself as the owner of one of the many luxury condos in San Diego, turn to The Neuman Group. We’ll show you everything you need to see, from splendid condos for sale in Cortez Hill, San Diego to magnificent condos for sale in Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, from condos for sale in the delightful Columbia District to sleek condos for sale in East Village. It’s time to make those dreams a reality!