Sold a Condo home in 2022

September 26, 2022

We have used Gregg to represent us in the past as well as the recent sale of our condo residence. Gregg is the consummate professional. He is one step ahead of everyone in a real estate transaction and has an uncanny ability to anticipate how others will react to our offer/counteroffer. Gregg has tremendous interpersonal skills and makes you feel at ease and confident. My wife is a retired real estate agent and she has said Gregg is the very best real estate broker she’s ever known.  Gregg treats his agents and support staff like family and in return they are loyal as well as at the top of their respective games too. He is known as The Godfather among the downtown real estate population. I implore anyone who is considering buying or selling property in downtown San Diego to drop in and meet Gregg to see for yourself what the best real estate professional in San Diego is like.